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Is Capital One a good company to work at, whether it's during or after graduating?

It is a great place to begin your career as a Business Analyst. The company is basically built for Business Analyst by Business Analysts. I got a lot out of my time there as a Data Scientist, but my team / project was basically perfect to facilitate my development. In truth, it’s probably just...
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Can I expect a 40 hour week as a Software Engineering Intern at Capital One?

As a Software Engineering Intern, you should have a lot of freedom to choose what your ideal work-life balance looks like. The culture of Capital One varies a lot by the office location-- for example, the Richmond or Plano campuses might be more lax while offices in New York may be more fast-pace...
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What can I expect from the training program at Capital One?

My training many years ago was to sit with a senior associate for a week. The first couple days was watching and learning, the last couple of days was doing their work with them over your shoulder. This way you were exposed to many different things and knew how to do the work once on your own. ...
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What would you describe the environment like at Capital One?

The company culture is a mixture and depends on your level and the department that you work in. There is a lot of training available, good benefits, decent PTO and good amenities on site and some groups have a limited ability to work from home. The corporate org is very much top down and can be...
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What's the interview for the business analyst position at Capital One like?

Capital One is a fantastic company in their recruiting practices. While skills pertaining to a college major may be helpful, Capital One Business Analysts are selected on more foundational skills like critical thinking, problem solving, and the ability to challenge the status quo. The importance ...
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Is there a high chance of a return offer after an internship at Capital One?

Cap One often turns over their interns to full time employees. Become friendly with your manager and their manager, learn the ropes well, stick to the system and don't rock the boat. If you show that you can work well with the team within the given parameters and are found to be politely friendly...
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Any past insights to what the internship training program will look like at Capital One?

The first week of the intern program is primarily an introductory to the company and a training session to give you the necessary basics to start working at the company. Then as necessary, there will be specific courses online and with a teacher that each manager will specifically assign their in...
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Curious to hear if your role at Capital One offers an internship and return offer?

With this position at Capital One, they don’t offer internships, only full time positions. However, there are work at home and part time positions available as well. If you’re interested in an internship with Capital One, I would recommend contacting Capital One General Correspondance and see if ...
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For account supervisors at Capital One, what would you say is the theme of your daily functions?

A day in the life consists of lots of multitasking. I use about 9 systems on every phone call that I handle. Each account has a different fraud concern, whether it be transactional or identity and each is handled completely different. It’s important to remember that you’re talking to a person and...
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Can you specifically talk more about what a regular day as a Business Analyst looks like at Capital One?

This role has changed much since I was there. The role is less investigations related and more process oriented. There is an automated system that provides a daily work load of alerts to be reviewed. Each review has specific items and date ranges that must be reviewed within an allotted time f...
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What do I need to know in order to prepare for an interview for a data engineering internship at Capital One?

Read up on materials involved in technical interviews such as the book "Cracking the Coding Interview"Go to any top 20 behavioral interview questions link and practice each question and make sure you have a storyAttend the interview prep event and read the materials given about the case interview.
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What's a day in the life of a data engineering intern like at Capital One?

Every intern is given a project to take ownership of over the course of their internship. Although you will be interacting with other members on your team and participating in scrum meetings on a daily basis, most of the work you're responsible for isn't dependent on anyone else or specifically t...
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Advice on how to prep for an interview for a data scientist position at Capital One?

The DS interview process is highly technical. So review all the basic definitions and uses of regression analysis. Imagine someone hands you regression output from a problem, and it’s your job to critique how they built the model.
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How much support can I expect to get from upper management a company like at Capital One?

Capital One is a large organization, and with all large organizations the support for your project will vary. However, in terms of people investing in your development, it’s much more depending on your boss and your team. People at Capital One are generally nice, and care about developing young ...
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Is Capital One is a good place for me to start my career as a Data Scientist?

In truth, it’s probably just an ok place to start your career as a DS. The problem is that the data environment isn’t great yet, so young data scientists can’t focus on developing modeling skills and instead basically need to work as data engineers. The more interesting problems, how to structu...
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What were some valuable skills you developed as someone who majored in Risk Management?

In my RMI classes I learned a lot about risk control and the different avenues of mitigating risk. This of course is essential in the banking industry as the threat of cyber security risk and fraud is always of the utmost concern. Utilizing my knowledge from my insurance classes, I always was thi...
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On a daily basis, what does a Teller do at Capital One?

We are the face of Capital One because we handle the customers on an everyday basis. We handle there cash/check deposits, transfers, bank checks, and also supply them with the knowledge on what accounts would best fit them. We also have to detect fraudulent checks and counterfeit note reports on ...
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If you broke your morning and afternoon down as an intern at Capital One, what did or does it look like?

Interns usually get in around 8:30am-9am in the morning. I grab some breakfast from the cafeteria and check my email. Then I check my calendar for the day which usually starts with a speaker for the intern program to talk about different areas of the company. Then I have some personal time to wor...
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